Relaxzones - Management Team & Responsibilities

Jahafar T.P

  • The chairman of the company , with over 12 years experience in Hospitality and Travel Industry
  • Effective Decision Maker and Incharge of Operations for Relaxzones.
  • Data Management, tracking and Follow-ups
  • Managing the Construction works associated with Relaxzones

Mahesh Babu

  • Managing Director of the company
  • Responsible for Corporate Sales and End to End Marketing (Online & Offline)
  • Takes Care of Investor Relations & funding
  • Corporate Finance and Forecasting of the Business at its entirety
  • Digital Marketing

Hamza Puthukkudi

  • Director with immense experience in Tourism Industry
  • a Vibrant Young Business Man, Hamza contributes in the Macroeconomic Surveying (scanning the external operating environment) and Analysis for Business Development
  • Responsible for Recruitments, Performance Appraisals & Monitoring and People Management

Ravindran P.K

  • Creative Director of the company
  • Handles escalations, content Management and Creative Segment
  • Incharge of Customer Relationship Management,
  • A Travel enthusiast , assists in Marketing content Management and Blogs

Athul Sunderdas

  • Technical Director of the company
  • Takes care of Information Technology, App Development and Technical future of the Company
  • Promotions and Brand Management for Relaxzones
  • Activities incharge for Customers, Takes care of Customer Relationship Management for Relaxzones
  • Attachment of Properties and associated finances

Sunderdas Edakkalathil

  • Strategic & legal Director of the company
  • Incharge for Acquisition of New Properties & Legal Tenders
  • Responsible for Business developments & Company strategy