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Relaxzones - Road ahead

# Wellness Tourism – With a profound Ayurveda Tradition of Kerala and worldwide acceptance of the same, Relaxzones plans to venture into Wellness Tourism with it 7.5 acre new campus helping out with Ayurveda doctors, Therapists and Naturopathy Treatments (Weight Reduction, Detoxification packages) to Global Customers on a 8 day/Ten Day package

# Business Tourism – Relaxzones plans to launch into first business centre in Wayanad for Corporate customers to take care of business tourism which includes attending meetings, Corporate get-togethers, Alumni Meetings on the Weekends, conferences, and seminars, visiting exhibitions and trade fairs, and so on..

# Culinary Tourism or food tourism involves tasting and experiencing the local and traditional food of a particular country, region, or city/town/village. Wayanad with its extraordinary flavor for food has an enormous scope Culinary tourism where in Customers from every corner of the World will travel for the geo preferential Food of Malappuram. For it is worth noting that though food alongside accommodation and infrastructure is one of the key components of tourism, there are numerous tours organized just for the sake of experiencing the culinary culture.

# Sports Tourism with the advent of Rope Car, Trekking, Cycling clubs and other various activities professional Trekkers, cyclists and Sports people have been flooding Wayanad for the use of such scenario and other facilities. In the days Ahead Relaxzones will increase its land bank for the customary use of specific activities related to Sports.

We manage quite a few properties in Wayanad and we invite property owners in and around Wayanad for tie-ups and revenue generation pertaining to the above interest areas

We invite any property owners who would be willing to work with us on the same. Please submit your name, email id and mobile number for us to connect with you..