Sustainability @ Relaxzones


To operate sustainably with the natural environment at the core of our actions, contributing to the socio economic base by facilitating and operating our hotel with local involvement, creating more awareness about our sustainability program, educating our guests with the hopes that they will leave the Relaxzones feeling more inspired to protect, preserve and heal the areas where they live.

We at the Relaxzones strive to be an exemplary resort that preserves and protects part of the Forest and all of its inhabitants on the Wayanad and, at the same time, creates awareness about the importance of the forest and living sustainably.


Relaxzones buys local products when possible and uses energy efficient practices to help reduce carbon emissions. For example: Shopping locally from vendors that adhere to our vendor and shopping policy; buying building materials, recycled shipping containers and sewer pipes locally; using energy efficient light bulbs and appliances; and, installing double paned windows and planting green roofs for insulation. We further use suppliers that help eliminate packaging and non-recyclable materials by allowing us to use our own reusable bags, cartons and wooden boxes when shopping. Solar panels, wind turbines and other natural energy resources to maximize self-sustainability will be installed; and, organic farming is in the beginning stages to allow a direct organic food source


Any property in Relaxzones is an organic land that prohibits the use of agrochemicals (chemicals in fertilizers and pesticides). As an added precaution against neighbouring non-orgniac farmlands, trees will be planted to act as a vegetative barrier for pesticide drift. Furthermore, natural products are used where possible and available for cleaning purposes. Guest shampoos, conditioners and soaps will be natural, and bamboo toothbrushes and razors will be available for purchase. Guests are advised that no harmful chemicals are allowed in our water supply and in nature, and to therefore pack their personal products accordingly


Most of Relaxzones forest areas are designated protected areas in an effort to protect and conserve the biodiversity of the land. There are designated trails throughout the Resort, with a “Leave No Trace” policy that all Guests are aware of. Logging is not permitted, and native plants and trees are purchased and planted.


Even though water in the Wayanad District is abundant, Samadhi Eco Resort is implementing methods to catch rainwater for bathroom, laundry, kitchen and garden watering use. The water quality in the south is good quality water, yet Relaxzones has chosen to use water filters for drinking water.