About Us

Relax Zones is an emerging tourism venture in Kerala. At present we have serviced villas in Lakkidi, Wayanad and is in the process of constructing more villas & resorts in and around Wayanad.

Trek into the evergreen forests or rest by the forest for a moment of respite, walk alongside nature and enjoy every chance you get to be enchanted. With Dense Forests, Tribal outlook, leaping Deers and elephant herds on the prowl, RelaxZones opens its doors to anyone with a keen eye for adventure amongst greens. At Relaxzones we provide you a feel of the forest as it is. Be it a Trekking journey or a stay amidst wildlife or a walk in the Mist, Relax zones chain of villas aspires to present you a journey that dates back to Nature at its Original Form..!! Welcome ..!! Relax on the Natures’ Lap..!!

Wayanad is not just Edakkal Caves, Pookot Lake or Chembra Peak. Its not about staying inside the walls .. let us explore the real Wayanad.. a deep dense jungle at its purest form..!! Undisturbed as it is intended to be…!!

Lakkidi @ Wayanad..!!

Our Chain of Villas in Lakkidi View Point is at one of the highest peaks in Wayanad which is referred as Cherrapunji of Kerala. From here, you get a bird’s eye view of the scintillating valleys and mountain ranges of the region.

Adorned with all these natural resources, it is also one of the richest biodiverse areas in the region and home to various species of herons as well as rare Indian birds among many other species of flora and fauna. It is a favoured picnic spot in this expanse

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